Independent Friendship

Ccero was born next to Rome, in 106 B.C. Politician, jurist, orator, philosopher with a vast and important workmanship. It exerted influence in the culture occidental person. Through the narrative of dialogues of its pairs it passes the following slight knowledge on friendship:The first bedding of the friendship is the reciprocal affection; In the friendship everything is true and spontaneous; Independe of kinship bows. The friendship is a unamimity in the divine things and human beings and if it makes to follow of affection and benevolence. With exception of the wisdom, the friendship would be what of better deuses they would have legacy to the man.

The friendship involves confidence, joy associates the love to it, as already said previously and not it personal benefits. The friendship if establishes when it exists auto-esteem what it generates healthful and positive relations. It is fruit of the reciprocity of affection. It has unfastening, solidarity, generosity. It demands cares.

The true ones are perpetual. It estimates respect, honesty, tranquillity, loyalty, pleasantness. It does not establish difference. It creates doura bows. It places in one same plan the different ones. It is possible to perceive that as much the subject overageing as on the friendship already discoursed it has two a thousand years behind, remain current, with teachings or perfectly valid constataes.

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