Fashion Diets

Why do you runinieren your health through dieting! Why do ruin your health! The diets make sick! There are many fashion diets that do more harm, than they use. Remove much in the course of the diet and eat normally after discontinuation of the diet, and are heavier than before. The yo-yo effect has occurred. We hear not always the advice less food and more exercise. Every doctor recommends running, cycling and swimming. I ask you why your doctor has overweight? Strain the joints of overweight cycling and running and swimming enhanced even more body fat by the cold.

Normally go or. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Senator of Massachusetts. It’s not up the speed on it. Actress takes a slightly different approach. Now, what would the correct way, the beginning of a good diet! Let by your doctor perform a check up and they explain the values. Following values you start your diet: Please note: 12 hours before the blood eat nothing and drink only water, otherwise the values are incorrect. Be careful with the blood pressure cuff on it, whether This corresponds to the size of her arm! Total cholesterol, 200 and more HDL – cholesterol, 30 and less triglycerides, 150 and less glucose 100 or more uric acid for 6 or more women uric acid 7 or more on men’s eating you following staple: potatoes, whole wheat bread, pasta, rice cereal, pulses, yogurt, lean meat, vegetables, fruit and cheese. After about 30 days, you should have check your values again. Now their values should have changed.

Total cholesterol 170-180 HDL – cholesterol 45 or more triglycerides, 125 – 150 glucose, 85 95 uric acid 5 or less for women uric acid 6 or less in men avoid it now, sauces, sugar, salt. One gram of salt holds 5 grams of water in the body. When the cooking oil, make sure that essential fatty acids contain. Up to 2 teaspoons per day are allowed.

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