If The Soul Collapses

Hamburg, Loi – Hamburg travel agents FitWell with selected partners of hotel time out for relaxation of body, mind and soul offers tours. FitWell travel specializes in a break for managers, entrepreneurs and artists. During this time, the physical and mental forces of the guests be mobilized so that they can meet the demands of everyday life. A specially performed holiday is often marked by extreme contrasts to the behavior in everyday life. The lure of the hotel buffets leads to excessive or incorrect diet and increased alcohol consumption, to meet the request as an escape for more well-being.

Usually the health-oriented exercise, relaxation and expansion of consciousness lacks, as the guests controlled can take the everyday life in the future. LifeB consulting from Hamburg assumes these tasks during the FitWell travels the specially traveled life balance coach of the prestigious consulting firm. The coach informed about Fatigue and preventive measures. Still, guests must coach the FitWell trips available and is contact person for all of our guests in addition to the prevention. A great advantage for solo travelers, because the coach already takes all guests at check-in at the hotel reception. You will find the perfect combination of holiday and prevention in this new tourist concept.

Discreet and competent. This new way of travelling through selected hotel partner of FitWell travel is possible. In addition to the coaching trips in main topics have been designed. “Relax & coach” is aimed at peace-seekers who experienced their relaxation through a nature, breathe a sigh of the soul can. Mountain panorama, sea or beach and sea. For this, the hotel AVIVA spirit & Spa in St. Stefan am Wald in Austria offers excellent conditions. Its unique architecture blends with the environment that brings the guest into the swing in every season. The special feature of the hotel AVIVA is that each guest in one of 100 exclusive His privacy has panoramic single room and panoramic suites. The cuisine of the hotel brought new life and lets the guests enjoy their dietary advice according to their wishes. The next deadline for a week personal time at Hotel AVIVA spirit & Spa is from 8 to 14 March 2009. Three more dates in June, August and October following this date. “The price for these FitWell travel category relax & coach”, 1.290,–and own arrival. The guests receive a variety of additional services in addition to the accommodation and half-board. “” Not to forget the round-the-clock “Care through the life balance coach”, says the Managing Director Dirk-Oliver Lange FitWell-Reisen. More information and the possibility of catalog ordering there is in the Internet under “”, calling the FitWell travel service center, Tel. (040) 42 91 13 17 or email. Press contact: FitWell travel Communications PR and public communication Dirk-Oliver Long Heider Strasse 5 D-20251 Hamburg FON 71 40 80 Fax + 49 (0) 40-35 07 94 95 mailto: corporate information: FitWell travel was developed from years of experience in the care 2006 for managers, entrepreneurs and artists. You may find Dr. Neal Barnard to be a useful source of information. Guests encourage the company, how they imagine a relaxing holiday with high expectations. FitWell travel specializes in premium burnout – and prevention travel. A life balance coach accompanies any trip and provides for the enhancement of the well-being of the guests. Personal interests, such as for example the golfing, doing not to come short. 2009 FitWell travels with selected hotels & resorts partner Starwood/ArabellStarwood hotels & resorts, Lindner cooperating hotels & resorts, Grand Hotels Bad Ragaz, Seehotel Grand Duke of Mecklenburg-Schwerin, AVIVA spirit & Spa, AlpenMedHotel Lamm, Hapag-Lloyd Cruises and other.

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