Vegeto-Vascular Dystonia

Probably the most popular and obscure the diagnosis, which can be found in the charts of patients podroskovogo period, it Vegeto-vascular dystonia. If a patient is concerned about such complaints as dizziness, palpitations, changes in blood pressure, pallor and cold hands, lack of weight – probably the above-mentioned diagnosis will be provided. Of course, if a survey was conducted and the patient did not reveal evidence of other diseases. And the treatment of vegetative-vascular dystonia so far is often a problem for physicians. In order to effectively approach to treatment, it is necessary to understand the true causes of vegetative-vascular dystonia. Vegetative-vascular dystonia.

What is it? It seems clear – the disruption of the autonomic nervous system sistemy.Vegetativnaya closely related to the endocrine glands. It innervates the organs of the endocrine system and affect them, and those In turn, affect the tone of the autonomic nervous system. The autonomic nervous system is represented by sympathetic and parasympathetic otdelami.Po his influence with the authorities they protivopolozhny.Naprimer, sympathetic section narrows the peripheral vessels, speeds up heart rate, increases intestinal motility. Parasympathetic in turn slows the heart rate and vasodilator effektom.Eti have two departments should be in equilibrium. If necessary, a department begins to dominate. For example, when a man goes out into the cold from a warm room, the sympathetic division begins to constrict peripheral blood vessels (the skin turns white) to the body does not lose heat. Conversely, in hot weather or in the sauna at one point, the parasympathetic nervous systems begins to dilate blood vessels (red skin), which prevents overheating organizma.Tak that the autonomic regulation was invented for a reason. But it happens that for some reason, autonomic regulation begins to fail: to work more actively starts the sympathetic section, narrowing the blood vessels without any apparent reason. It turns out that the hands and feet are cold all the time, occasionally dizziness and stomach starts to bother.

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