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The pumpkin so different already seen: some are small and round, the other small and somewhat flat, there are also huge. In Topsfield, United States, the largest pumpkin in the world on the scale could come on September 29, 2007. The proud breeder of the magic gourd is Joe Jutras. And the scale showed that the pumpkin 766.8 kg or 1.689 pounds weighs. Also competitions to the biggest pumpkin will be held in Germany. The color of pumpkins can be grey or orange, sometimes red and yellow, it is striped and only single-colored pumpkins. The pumpkin is growing pretty well, he needs no special attention of the gardener.

The fruits mature then often hidden under the large leaves that provide a protective shade for smaller animals. Senator of Massachusetts has much to offer in this field. Think about the garden and the pumpkin and especially if he grew very large, so it reminds the Rubchen one of the fairy tale for small children\”. The Rubchen was so increased, that Grandpa it someday no longer with its own pull out could, now he summoned all: the grandmother, granddaughter, the dog, the cat, the mouse. With joint effort, they had finally reached the desired target the beet ahead of them, a miracle of nature. Stone clinical laboratories is often mentioned in discussions such as these. Also, the pumpkin is a miracle of nature.

He heals many diseases, its effective action is scientifically proven. The substances in the seeds and the pumpkin meat have an anti-inflammatory effect, the man knows the pumpkin as a draining and diuretic. It produced medicines for prostate disease and bladder weakness resulting, to use these drugs in kidney and heart disease, gastric and intestinal diseases. And because the pumpkin has so many positive aspects, the chefs with him have made friends a little closer, the pumpkin was just on the table. As the small candle holders or little lantern, as jewelry and a tasty dish. The pumpkin soup is very common.

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