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Compact, physio-therapeutic device for Darsonvalization Darsonval ultrathin colloquially: dorsenval, darsenval, darsonval. may help you with your research. Miniature, high therapeutic efficacy, the breadth of medical conditions, low Price darsonvalyu provide great popularity among consumers. Apparatus ‘Darsonval’ is a kind of home physio-therapeutic device used to treat a wide spectrum of diseases in the areas of medicine as: gynecology, surgery, dentistry, dermatology, neuropathy, diseases of the internal organov (with acupuncture). High-frequency radiation of the device penetrates into the middle of the body, through the skin and deep muscle and acts directly on the sick organs. The procedure for exposure darsonvalya ‘ultrathin’ helps: preventing the development of wrinkles; achieve elasticity, luster and color of skin and hair (including combined with the use of chemicals). In surgery darsonvalization used to treat: local suppurative inflammatory processes, trophic ulcers, infiltrates, initial stages of obliterating diseases limb vessels. In neurology Darsonval used to treat: neuralgia neuritis and polyneuritis; neuralgic manifestation of osteochondrosis

What contraindications exist for the treatment apparatus Darsonvalization ‘ultrathin’? fever, malignant neoplasms, diseases of the cardiovascular system in the stage of decompensation, systemic blood diseases, bleeding individual intolerance to current Equally important is the fact that the electrode apparatus Darsonval ultrathin ILA-2 INT acts not on the acupuncture point, just to get into that can only be a specialist, and the acupuncture zone. A This means that carry out the procedure may not even trained person. When exposed to a body of high-frequency (22 kHz) electric field oscillations of high tension triggered by the following primary physical factors: a corona discharge that occurs at the approach of the gas discharge device electrodes to the body surface high-frequency current flowing in the tissues, the heat evolved in the discharge gap and a small amount of ozone nitrogen oxides, resulting in the air under the influence of corona discharge, which penetrates the skin pores weak ultraviolet radiation generated by a corona weak supersonic frequency mechanical vibrations in the tissues of the the dipole interaction of cells with an alternating electric field (inverse piezoelectric effect) produced on the Altai instrument-making factory rotor in Russia.

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