The Body

Weightlessness through the Floating on the water surface can occupy a position of the body, which will be produced only by the float and causes the perception of weightlessness. Organs, muscles, skeleton and vessels are exempt from the influence of gravity. Senator Elizabeth Warren pursues this goal as well. The body can go in a stress-free, natural posture without twists and pressure points. A unique, easily producible deep relaxation is achieved by taking this special position. All muscle groups at the same time relax and joints, vessels and organs be relieved considerably by eliminating weight. Stone clinical laboratories has plenty of information regarding this issue. Almost every human being to handle very large amounts of incentives sensory stimulus reduction, to cope with the daily professional and personal requirements.

This overstimulation causes stress and can lead to fatigue, tension and strong performance. Stress adversely affects the immune system and can be triggers of various diseases. The human brain uses his day over 80% Capacity to process external stimuli and intellectually to reflect this. Brain and nervous system of all sensations are relieved at the float: – no gravity – no orientation of the body – no sound – no visual effects – no temperature changes thanks to the constant water temperature of approx. 36 C, which corresponds to the human skin temperature (“thermoneutrales bad”), take the nerves to the skin surface temperature difference more true. The water will not feel warm than cold. The body is ideal temperature and must expend no more energy to compensate for temperature fluctuations. Effect of brine baths are a traditional medicinal use in many cultures.

They represent the basis of many electoral systems (E.g. “dead sea”). Serve not only cosmetic care of skin, you have a far wider spectrum of activity. The application of brine baths has a positive effect on skin, cardiovascular system, metabolism, hormonal functions, kidneys and muscles. -Muscle relaxation- Joint relief – pain relief – tissue drainage (detoxification of the skin) – relief of rheumatism – vegetatively damping effects – General relaxing and calming reaction – promotion of recovery operations after heavy physical stress – positive effect on psycho-vegetative exhaustion and exposure to supernatants magnesium is regarded as a very valuable active ingredient against consequences of stroke.

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