For The Trainees Of The Future:

What comes after graduation? Fair gives practical suggestions. “Some people know already from childhood: I become a fireman!” Many students who are graduating, have however no specific career aspirations. You get on the 28th and 29th May 2010 at the Stadthalle in Unna training more many proposals for their. Approximately 60 companies from the District of Unna and regional and supra-regional educational centers students opens, to give them under the motto, you are the future”to provide insight. The first youth trade fair for education and career two years ago was a great success. The visitors wanted more information about apprenticeships for girls. The trade initiator, Thomas Reitz, Secretary of the IG came after metal Unna now like the.

In addition to the technical division he won this time more and more companies, which offer interesting educational opportunities for girls such as the physiotherapist, student, technician, or bank clerk at the Sparkasse Unna. IKK is the profession as the social insurance specialist before. Often the students have no idea what activities exactly with a certain profession are connected”, is the experience of Regional Director Hermann Rosenbaum of IKK. At the fair can get a vivid impression of the prospective trainees and ask her personal questions. So you can avoid later disappointments when the trainees as well as the employers’ Rosenbaum is enthusiastic about the idea of the youth fair, supported by IKK as a cooperation partner. Universities present their offer as well as vocational colleges, academies and private educational institutions. The opportunity to study in the course of a Bachelorabschlusses and to collect at the same time valuable years of experience is relatively new. By the way: Even those who wanted to be always fireman, can at the fair their dream a bit closer: the fire Unna offers training to the professional firefighter. You are the future 28 May 9-16 Watch; 29.5. 10-15: 00, author: Jens OLE Wilberg, PR: event: Wilberg

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