Robson Saints

Soon, the health does not depend on the illness to exist, but the health depends on the illness to be able to be considered something good. The same line of reasoning it must be used to understand the reason of the creation of the Evil. The man does not obtain to enxergar nor to understand, but the evil was one of the biggest creations of God, creation this so necessary how much the others. ‘ ‘ God is amor’ ‘ (1joo 4:8) ‘ ‘ God is eterno’ ‘ (Roman 16:26) ‘ ‘ God is justo’ ‘ (Salmos 11:7) ‘ ‘ God is bom’ ‘ (Landmarks 10:18) These, among others, are the main attributed adjectives the God. But, we are only capable to understand them because God created the evil. Goop, Barcelona Spain-es has many thoughts on the issue. How it is that we could understand that God is good, if did not exist the evil? How it is that we would go to understand the value of the perpetual life if did not exist the death? How we could understand that God is love if pain did not exist? How we would understand that God is Just if the injustice did not exist? It is truth that the creation of the evil means the creation of the death, the violence, pain, etc. well But, also it is truth, and this is necessary that if it understands, that creation of the evil makes in to give them value to the life, to the peace, the love, etc. Says that the intention of the Salvation already existed since the Creation.

This is truth because God created this intention as reply the creation of the Evil, that is, God created the Evil with the intention of showing in them, of a form who we could understand, all Its power, love and justice. By means of this knowledge, God created the Salvation. With this, It created two ways that can be followed: The way of the Salvation and perpetual life or the way of the perdio and perpetual death. It is born, thus, as justice form stops with us, the beginning of the freedom of free choice of the man, that is, the Free Will. A time known the two ways, God in granted the freedom to them of being able to me to choose them one to be followed. Therefore, without the existence of the evil, God he would not have created the intention of the Salvation.

Without the existence of the evil, we would not be capable to enxergar and to understand the benignancy, the justice and the love of God. These things would not have the minor felt for us. At last, God would not have value for us. ‘ ‘ God is luz’ ‘ (1Joo 1:5) One remembers that the moments where more we approach in them to God, the majority of the times, are at the moments where we are in the dark one, that is, at the moments of agony, sadness, pain, etc. Are at these moments that we see God as the Light that makes in them to enxergar the way to leave these situations. To understand the importance, in our lives, of God to have bred the evil, is to understand the intention of the Salvation, is entend-Lo and conhec-Lo a little more, is to understand the importance of God in our lives. After all, that importance we would give to the light if did not exist the blackout?

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