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Many want to hear preachers whom a sword of a gume uses alone (1Rs 22,6). What we can perceive is that it has preachers that he seems more man of the man of what man of God, and has the ones that believe that the message of evangelho needs to suffer a recycling to become […]

Pope Mercy

The last part of the parabola mentions &#039 to it; ' Prodigo&#039 son; '. Now we need to know who is Jesus. First we go to look at for the figure of the children. The son oldest is identifying here with the fariseus, the masters of the law, therefore he himself goes to say: ' […]

Robson Saints

Soon, the health does not depend on the illness to exist, but the health depends on the illness to be able to be considered something good. The same line of reasoning it must be used to understand the reason of the creation of the Evil. The man does not obtain to enxergar nor to understand, […]