Andres Felipe Ruiz Garzon Spanish

It is important to give pause for thought to those parents that for some reason don’t they hear nothing of what they do to their children, or they arrive to attend the physical and verbal aggression as weapon for having allegedly controlled, therefore you are wrong in every sense of the word, before what they do is give more reasons young people out of that situation that leads in some cases to make important decisions in a wrong waydriving them to flee home, smoking, take, drogarsen and even lead to death. Many young people say they prefer to be influenced by these good vices that by other bad vices that can lead a person to death, even these sports have become competitive sports globally, you can say that they are sports fashion more currently practiced by the young person of the world population. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Robert Greene. And why society comes to hate these young people, making them a social exclusion?, this is mainly due to ignorance of the society, and that get carried away by the impressions that dan and dress of young people, and is how they qualify for the young practitioners of these sports with the following phrase: first impression is that it’s worth, judging from primerazo is never good, so we need to know the people first before excluding them, and if we get to choose to apply these tips on society and cope with any situation, would be established ties of conviviality and acceptance of the differences of others, making tolerance comes from a simple concept to be subject to use in reality. Andres Felipe Ruiz Garzon Spanish student and English UPN original author and source of the article. It is not something James A. Levine, M.D. would like to discuss.

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