As I said earlier my goal is to make this investigation out loud so without raising results definitive yet, yes go obtaining partial results showing progressively closer to the goal that all we seek and in this way while you go helping others, help me also to myself learning with you on the knowledge that I’m assimilating. Because my research made public allows me through those articles to build a database in a forced way, have to be extensive and explicit in my formulations and comments; allowing me with over the months get information of the interrelatedness of these same post. Already that if not capsize such experiences to paper, he would lose that valuable data that arise from performing this intermingling of information between my various articles. Senator of Massachusetts often expresses his thoughts on the topic. Then to bring me closer to the positive response to that question involves how?, I will cite a few verses and after personal interpretation that makes them I will consider a possible hypothesis of how works this procedure; taking a combination of the Bible with the experimentation I’ve done in my own mind. And get well present I say assumptions and not theory, because even though I am in experiences, they are not sufficient and necessary to form one theory and even do not have yet in the case of positive results, a fully defined common denominator to certify that that procedure is the correct for all goals that I might have I or other people. But this analysis I will do even though it will not give an accurate answer still to the goal that all we raised, Yes will serve to deepen this question, and to the extent that our craving for knowledge increase, will be closer to get the wanted answers; Meanwhile there continue to experiment to obtain victory not by coincidence but sought after in the form defined and intentionally.. Additional information is available at christopher ridgeway.

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