Mama 161202 Te Echo A Lot Of Minus Te Amo

Perhaps just breathe, just breathe very slow…recover each beat in my pointless now that not estas.porque I not I can get even used to be without you, December has arrived and yet you’re still being here, I love always.Memories of those days in which we smiled you remain still me aching to the life… And is that I have a thousand things I need to tell you… but still be here…Perhaps it was enough to breathe… breathe only very slow: /… Everything was going perfect until it arrived when least expected, 16 December, something very rare, a woman almost died asphyxiated by the gas because of another woman, an ambulance collects her and takes her to the Insular Hospital, on the edge of death, his face pale and I unable to do anything…

family not what I thought I saw the cheeks of my father enxarcadas – no llores mas – me decia; It was like a coup 10 years than I had, almost dies the woman who me crio practically my whole life, for a few moments in my head were around the good memories, it was the most dear, friend of his enemy, and gave his life x them that I promise it! for my it was an amulet that filled the House of happiness, nobody could understand me nothing, nor my feelings or anything at all. Finally already already spent everything, studying, my family, my friends, to live… She I wrote for notes, ate only by one device to be so God bring me – said; pleasant moments pass next to it, I remember that I had fear and dormia with me next to my bed. You are a guardian angel and I’m dying of jealousy, knowing that these up there and not ami side am person outside and plaster on the inside, my heart more shattered do not think that I can be, shattered by a large hemorrhage, your soul rest in peace, passed the ordeal, suffering is only on the inside, keda him consolation of decirte que te amoI remember you, I feel the warmth in my body, I leave your memory as best inspiration today at 8 in the morning, I lebanto, sleep with you, your image in my brain, I thought that you were present, ago against everything that gets in my way, but that we live in this world so damn, you I want to embrace and not let go never.

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