Test Tube Baby

The church and the “boys” specimens. Since the decade of the 30s, in the present century, and more intensely in the 40s, the world joyfully celebrated scientist do cundacion faith in vitro of animals, for ever crowned dreams and years of technical efforts. Since then, thousands of animals are born of faith cundacion in the laboratory, in test tube or Petri dish. But the whole world was shocked in April 1976, when doctors Steptoae Patrick and Richard Edwards announced that they had managed to fecund in the laboratory the gametes of two human beings, skepticism Fren you to this news became tupor is when the doctors announced that as a result of these experiments, had conse guido the birth of a robust nor na Louise Joy Brown on the morning of July 25 Je 1978 in USA.’s reaction was immediate Church, Pope John Paul II was opposed to such experiments and two decrees issued by the Vatican divided the world scientist, but after more than a decade of that birth, were born and to date nearly 2,000 “test-tube children, have emerged cen ters 121 in vitro fertilization, there is growing interest by physicians in this exciting branch of medicine, have reduced costs 25,000 to 5000 dollars. So it’s fair to ask “Is that the scientific world has ignored the call of the church? or perhaps does the Church really opposed to programs tion in vitro fertilization?. What is a test tube baby? To answer this question we must remember that normally fuses with an egg spermatozoa and through a chain of physiological Acon opments give rise to egg or zygote.

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