Breast Cancer

In order To cure the Cancer of Breast you must Know as they are the stages Thus to be able curarte quickly. As They are the Stages of the Cancer of Breast? When one is breast cancer, it is necessary to observe the different stages so that it can be better prepared when each arrives from them and can invest the process and to cure the breast cancer normally takes place in stages. Some types of cancer extend slowly whereas others propagate quickly. There are cancers that are foreseeable in the growth and are those that they propagate of unpredictable way. The cancers that are unforseeable are created by the estrogen use in the body the same scene will depend mainly on the size of the tumor and if the cancer has been scattered or Stage 0 This Stage in situ does not talk about to the invasive carcinoma or carcinoma. With this stage the cells are abnormal in the coating of the lobe, but they are not cancerous at this moment, sure already estan expanding the abnormal cells. Stage 1 and 2 In stage 1, the cancerous tumor has become and grown to one inch of diameter, but it has not been scattered beyond the sine. In phase 2, 3 different things, some of them can happen: – The cancerous tumor grows one inch in width less than and it has been scattered to the lymphatic ganglia underneath the arm – the cancerous tumor has become approximately one or two inches, but it has not reached the lymphatic nodules that at the moment this inclining in that direction.

– The cancerous tumor is greater of 2 inches of diameter and Stage 3 In the phase has not moved I number 3, the cancerous tumor has grown to more than two inches of distance and has reached and penetrated the lymphatic ganglia of the armpits. In some cases, this it is the type of well-known cancer that propagates to the lymphatic ganglia near the breastbone, or of another weave near the breast. Stage 4 In stage 4, the present is the metastatic cancer. The cancer has scattered beyond the sine and the lymphatic ganglia to other parts of the body. In spite of all the false ideas, the breast cancer is dangerous, but it is possible to be cured if it is detected in time.

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