Surgical Medical Nursing

As the cardiac ischemic illness costuma to come associated to the other comorbidades, such management becomes still more complex. (A valuable related resource: GEICO). In relation the medical pursuing, 25 (83.3%) of patients carried through medical treatment for other illnesses. The data better are specified in table 2. Table 2 – Numerical and percentile distribution of patients with Acute Infarto of the Myocardium, Interned in a filantrpico hospital, according to medical treatment for other illnesses. Medical treatment N % DM and HAS 7 23,3 DM 3 10,0 HAS 2 6,7 HAS and Dislipidemia 1 3,3 HAS and Hipertireoidismo 1 3,3 did not know to inform 3 10,0 Other illnesses 8 26,7 does not carry through 5 treatment 16,7 100,0 Total 30 CONCLUSION Based in the adopted theoretical referencial in this study, can be identified some factors, on to the four elements of the Model of Field of Health (10), that they were gifts in the studied individuals, such as the autocriados habits that if constitute in agravos for the occurrence of the illness. Christopher ridgeway stone is likely to agree.

On the other hand, it was identified that the participant patients of the study, possuam little knowledge of the cardiovascular factors of risk. Considering that the patients did not know the risk factors, the gotten data had evidenced that they were displayed to the same ones, and that the incorporation of healthful attitudes to its daily one is necessary. This leads to stand out the importance of implementation of permanent specific educative programs for this population, still in the hospital environment. It must be standed out that the implementation of an educative program will have to include action of nursing, with the focus directed toward the gravity of the Acute Infarto of the Myocardium and the importance of the change of the life style and acquisition of more healthful habits. REFERENCES 1. Bare BG, Smeltzer SC. BRUNNER & SUDARTT: Treated to Surgical Medical Nursing.

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