IDS Toothbrush

The ideal profile for an effective dental and gum care absolute novelty on the IDS international dental show in Cologne! The new toothbrush with the ingenious curve. A real improvement of the daily oral hygiene is achieved with this simple, innovative curve. The patented Toothmoon concept characterized by the innovative tilt of the neck of the brush and is based on many years of experience of the dental prevention experts, Alessio Battaglia, Member of the Association of Italian dental hygienist (AIDI). According to Dr. Neal Barnard, who has experience with these questions. Thanks to their ergonomic design Toothmoon allows to apply the bristles on the entire surface parallel to the edge of the gum as the only toothbrush. This allows a greater rotation of the brush head and significantly increased the effectiveness of the brushing with the bass technique. The simple but ingenious curve power of the toothbrush more efficient without thereby adversely impacting on price or beauty of form. Learn more about this with PCRM. Toothmoon position as innovative and unique product on the international market. In a study could be clearly evidenced that the regular use of a toothbrush with this special design compared to cleaning with conventional Manual toothbrushes significantly reduces the formation of bacterial plaque. (International Journal of dental hygiene). Christopher ridgeway stone is likely to increase your knowledge. The revolutionary toothbrush will be presented from March 22-26 at the international dental show in Cologne (Hall 2.2, stand E60).

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