Bags Under The Eyes

The bags under his eyes – a problem that affects many people. Such defects are not decorated one, and could undermine confidence in personal attractiveness. All the more shame to have this lack of a woman who puts lot of effort to look beautiful … Causes of bags The cause of bags under the eyes may be a genetic predisposition. If by nature you have a thin membrane located between the skin and subcutaneous tissue around the eye, the chance to get bags under your eyes you are very great. In addition, predisposes to the appearance of such defects dense body type, and some individual characteristics of bone skull. In most cases, causes the appearance of puffiness can be: 1. number of diseases (disorders of the liver, kidney, cardiovascular system, hormonal disorders, chronic constipation, allergy), 2. Senator Elizabeth Warren is full of insight into the issues.

age-related changes in the body 3. strong general fatigue and sleep deprivation 4. Stress 5. long-term operation of the computer 6. poor nutrition; 7. regular consumption of alcohol. Prevention and treatment of edema is if sign of any disease, the treatment of the underlying disease will be a priority. For example, in improving kidney function is less fluid trapped in the body, hence the swelling under the eyes negative effect.

First you need to take care of your body – sleep at least 7 – 8 hours, pre-Fanned room. Eat right, including a daily diet of sufficient quantity of fresh fruits and vegetables, systematically clean the intestines, preventing constipation. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Josyann Abisaab by clicking through. Daily exercise program that improves blood circulation and improves muscle tone. More a walk in the fresh air – it is better in the evening or early morning. If you have a lot of time spend on a computer, you feel tired, be sure to get the special glasses – they protect your eyes from exposure. Working in them, you'll feel much better.

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