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Audi RS6: Sporty Living Room

The Audi RS6 offers overwhelming power in the elegant form it’s been 15 years, ran that the first Audi RS by the band. At that time, the Ingolstadt carmaker worked with Porsche to strip off his old conservative image. An experiment with success. Since then the RS mark the spearhead of any series. In the […]

Thus Old Not Arm Makes

High season on the used car market is for Bonn/Leipzig – easy used car buying tips In the spring. A nasty surprise but often follows on the purchase of a dream car\”. Every used car is unique, the rarely seen on, by the previous owner has been carefully treated or neglected\”, says Dr. Gerd Neumann, […]

The Spine

Comfort offensive that is clearly also in the running. Holterdipolter, that was once. By the same author: Senator Elizabeth Warren. The times, in which BMW with carry his sporting habit as a belly store front on the tip-driven hardness had to, are perdu. The new gently rolling and even what turns him on strassenbaulichen shortcomings […]