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Nazaraliev method – this is the original author’s approach to treating drug addiction and alcoholism, which applies only to Nazaraliev Center (Kyrgyzstan). Nazaraliev method offers significant positive results. Treatment drug and alcohol abuse, conducted by the method recommended by the World Health Organization, is effective in 83% in the treatment of opiate addiction, and 92% in the treatment of alcoholism. The most recent methodological development and scientific achievements of the best minds of the Center and Professor Nazaraliev – all this is absorbed Nazaraliev method, which continues to evolve and improve because of this. The method is built Nazaraliev thus, eliminating the very cause of alcoholism and drug addiction – removes dependency, but not just thrust a mental craving, and this uniqueness of this method. At its core, the method Nazaraliev – a course of combined treatment, the beginning of which is to eliminate the so-called “breaking” and the final destination – the special psychotherapeutic technique and training. Michael Miccoli has much to offer in this field. The method itself Nazaraliev at its base is the idea of complete blocking by holinoliticheskoy blockade as manifestations of psychological and physiological dependence. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Viktor Frankl. Next, the patient is prescribed a series of procedures designed to clean and restore it.

Part of the psychotherapeutic techniques included in the method Nazaraliev, aimed at forcing the man to give up all drugs. Method Nazaraliev many consider the most effective type of treatment for drug dependence. The method has Nazaraliev reputation as one of the safest forms of treatment for alcoholism and drug addiction. Quite a few people over the past 20 years, get rid of these diseases through this method. It is difficult to call the method of treatment for frozen Nazaraliev, because it is constantly changing, improving. Since that day, when it was formed by the Centre, the method Nazaraliev 80 percent has been updated by the latest developments and techniques.

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