Wolf Money

In his book the conspiracy of the rich, Robert Kiyosaki encourages us control of our finances and our financial future and expresses his personal opinion about the conspiracy that is among the richest on the planet to give ordinary people no access to education and knowledge they have. The root of all evil is the love of money the root of all evil? Or is it the ignorance of money the root of all evil? What do we learn in school about money? You’ve ever asked yourself because our educational systems do not teach us something about money? Is the lack of financial education in our schools simply an oversight by our educators leaders? or is part of a conspiracy much greater? Regardless of whether we are rich or poor, educated or ignorant, young people or adults, retirees or workers all use money. Whether we like it or not, money has a tremendous impact on our lives in today’s world. Skip the subject of money in our educational system is cruel and unacceptable. Is there a conspiracy? There are thousands of conspiracy theories. We’ve all heard them theories are theories, are based on suspicions and unanswered questions.

Mr. Kiyosaki clarifies that does not write this book to sell us another conspiracy theory. Their research has convinced him that there have been many conspiracies of the rich, both in the past and in the present and that there will be more conspiracies in the future. When money and power are at stake, there will always be conspiracy. Money and power will always be the cause of that people commit acts of corruption regardless of the fact whether there is conspiracy, certain circumstances and events that impact our lives in profound and unknown way there is for example the financial education. Sad and inconceivable is the lack of financial education in our modern educational systems.

As much, be them It teaches our young people how to balance a checkbook, speculate on the stock exchange, save money in banks and invest in a long-term retirement plan. In other words, they are taught how to deliver their money to the rich, those who supposedly have the best intentions of help. When a teacher leads a banker or a financial planner to your classroom, supposedly on behalf of financial education; It is literally leaving to enter the Wolf in the henhouse. It is not that they are bad people, what happens is that they are agents of the rich and powerful. Your job is not to educate but recruit future clients. Is why who preach the doctrine of saving money and investing in mutual funds help the Bank not to you, this is good business for the Bank not to it.

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