Witch Hazel

Pflegendem jojoba and almond oil, invigorating kidney vetch and special cereal extracts receives the Dr.Hauschka the acid mantle of the skin cleansing milk with verhindert way the desiccation. The important hydro-lipid coat, which supplies the skin cells with precious moisture and protective grease, is preserved. At the same time, the skin receives a restorative care to support their natural elasticity. The creamy milk binds make-up and gently removed it. Leaving a smoother complexion. Dr.Hauschka cleansing milk is available in the limited edition 30 ml special size for 5.50 euro (MSRP).

Ingredients Dr.Hauschka cleansing milk: water, alcohol, excerpt from turquoise, jojoba oil, almond oil, apricot kernel oil, glycerin, excerpt from oats, rye and wheat, fatty alcohols, bentonite, lecithin, xanthan gum, wheat germ protein Hydrolysate, essential oils. Strengthen the Dr.Hauschka facial tonic invigorating and refreshing basic care with its invigorating effect the Dr.Hauschka facial toner stimulates the own forces and the process of moisture of the skin. Stone clinical laboratories is actively involved in the matter. Witch Hazel and kidney vetch support that invigorating feeling. Morning and evening after cleansing face, neck and decollete sprayed, the tonic will receive the balance of the skin and ensures a lively appearance. Tip: Even men like the Dr.Hauschka facial tonic as refreshing or soothing aftershave.

Dr.Hauschka facial tonic is available in the limited edition 30 ml special size for 5.50 euro (MSRP). Ingredients Dr.Hauschka facial tonic: water, extract from extract of Witch Hazel, turquoise, alcohol, essential oils. Dr.Hauschka rose cream maintain building protective day care for more than 40 years the rose cream is a classic of the Dr.Hauschka face care and one of the most popular care products. Provides optimal protection of dry and sensitive skin with its special features and supports the skin’s own Regeneration. Precious rose oil and extracts of wild rose fruit surrounded the face with a protective sleeve, Shea butter, rose flower wax and an avocado oil extract protect against austrocknung. The rich cream evens out the fat moisture content of the skin and harmonize all functions of the skin. Especially when a skin that is prone to redness and enlarged capillaries (Couperose), the rose cream helps due to their protective effect of care. Dr.Hauschka rose cream is available in the limited edition 12.5 ml special size for 7.50 euro (MSRP). Ingredients Dr.Hauschka rose cream: water, peanut oil, extract of Marshmallow root, bee wax, essential oils, rose wax, extracts of St. John’s wort, Shea butter, avocado oil, lecithin, extracts from rose petals and rose hip. Dr.Hauschka facial cream moisturizer the Dr.Hauschka Quince protective face cream Quince looks after nature covers valuable Quince wax protects the Skin, without einzuschranken natural skin respiration. At the same time, regulate the skin’s moisture balance excerpts from Quince seed and selected medicinal plant extracts and seem refreshing. The face cream Quince activates the skin’s own forces, so she can better fend off outside influences. For example, smog or ozone may already affect young skin. Dr.Hauschka facial cream quince is available in the limited edition 12.5 ml special size for 6,50 euro (MSRP). Ingredients Dr.Hauschka facial cream Quince: water, apricot kernel oil, extracts of Turquoise and Quince seeds, alcohol, extract from carrot, glycerin, Shea butter, sweet almond oil, olive oil, fatty alcohols, avocado oil, extract from hibiscus leaves, jojoba oil, beeswax, quince wax, lecithin, bentonite, extract of Witch Hazel, essential oils, xanthan gum.

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