What Is A Block-Container ?

What constitutes a block-container, and how they can help? The main bearing element block-container is a rectangular high-strength frame, welded from cold-formed metal sections. The framework has vertical posts and horizontal beams to attach the outer and inner casing, for installation of windows, doors and interior partitions. All elements of the framework are corrosion-resistant coating, face frame parts painted enamel. Block-container is insulated semi-rigid mineral plate or roll insulation. Roofing in the block container is flat, as the outside of sheet steel is used, hermetically welded arc welding. Runoff held a drainpipe laid in the frame.

The floors in the block-containers have a layered structure: the lower layer of the floor consists of a metal sheet, the middle layer is made of mineral wool insulation, the top layer is made of particle board or metal sheet (for the production units). As the floor in a block-container uses linoleum. Possible to produce other flooring upon request. As the outer casing block-container is used mainly galvanized trapezoidal sheet of high strength steel in the form of coated or plastisol poliesterlaka. Depending on the destination block-container as the inner lining can be used by plastic, MDF panels, gypsum panels, fiberboard (MDF) or particleboard. Of finishing materials in a block-container uses the same as in homes and flats: Wallpapers adhesive tape, ceramic tile, etc. The layout of premises may vary according to the customer unit container.

Location of windows and doors in the block-container are determined by the customer individually. Block-containers are equipped with lights, electric heaters, air conditioners, fans, outlets, depending on the order. Wiring is concealed in PVC boxes. Sewer and water pipes are made of PVC and are issues for later connection to an external communications. Block container is easy to transport and install, is ready for operation. You do not need much time to mount such a products. Need easily mounted room to accommodate business or temporary accommodation? Order the block-container, and your problems will be solved!

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