He may have a different power. While working on the human body is able to heat it, tone, increase metabolism, improve blood circulation, eliminate toxins. They treat the inflammation resolves scars heal wounds. Finally, they treat cellulite. Ultrasound has nothing to do with damaging (ionizing) radiation. As used in the treatment options completely harmless, devoid of unpleasant side effects, requires no special preparation for the procedure. And most importantly, experts from all over the world recognize – Ultrasound is the most effective and most promising method for treating cellulite.

Looks as cellulitis know everything. And what happens to under the skin? The peculiarity of the female body (as opposed to men) is that the subcutaneous adipose tissue in the hips and buttocks has a cellular structure. It looks like a honeycomb, filled with fat cells. Once the fat is accumulated or retained fluid, the cells swell and create the notorious "orange peel effect." With time the walls of the cells are sealed, there are dense knots. Begins to squeeze the lymphatic vessels and veins, adipose tissue is dense and cold to the touch. Still later, squeezed a large vein.

Normal picture later stages – cellulite on the thighs, varicose veins in the legs. Vicious circle emerged: cellulite is because the blood does not circulate, and the blood does not circulate because they have cellulite. Problem areas are located at a depth of from one to four inches. To get here, without damaging the tissue, it is impossible. Popular once "protivotsellyulitnye massages" just knead the fabric, it is painful and can lead to profound hemorrhage and gross scarring of tissue.

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