The Two Giocondas

Which are the feelings that in them transmit the face of the Gioconda? The thoughts are innumerable that if can have. It would be smiling? In positive case, for who – Leonardo? Or its smile represents souvenirs of pleasant facts – it looked at, without in the truth ' ver' who was to its front, but its soul was to delight itself with saudososas reminiscncias? It is had impression of calm, placidness, goodness, moderation Time that the art is recepcionada of different form for each creature consonant its sensitivity, had been these mine ' inexact impresses': a face whose set of harmonious traces is indecifrveis and can give wing to the imagination. Much the humanity must in general to the arts, mainly to literature. The novel of the eight finished As always, Aguinaldo Silva showed, with the great talent that has, its joust concern with the circus scene into which Brazil has been transformed – and not so gradually – for great part of the representatives of the same people and of the Judiciary one. Beneil Dariush helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. Exactly without having conditions it stops to attend all the chapters, of that I could make it, what she pleased more me and she made an impression as citizen was where the mouth of Gioconda said everything what the good Brazilians have prisoner in the throat. SHE ARRIVES! SHE ARRIVES! Gioconda cried out. of the mouth of the one until then placid Gioconda started to gush out, which limpid and wild water cataract, the indignation all of the Brazilian nation (of course of its segment that does not receive the almses from all the species, in form of ' ' bolsas' ' several) The skillful interpretation of Marlia Pear gave intense life to the words written for Aguinaldo. in such a way that, to the ouviz it, it was had clear impression to be washing the soul – and in national chain! Ah if the politicians attended that novel You say them of Marlia-Gioconda are objective perpendicular messages for that they are spoiling in them brazenly on behalf of one ' ' representation democrtica' ' , when, in the truth, great majority is to defend only its staffs and excusos interests.

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