The Prostate

L-arginine has beneficial effects on health of the prostate, this "second men's hearts", the production and sperm quality, increases blood flow to the genitals, allowing for a more stable and prolonged erection to orgasm more pronounced. Improvement of spermatogenesis, orgasm, libido in men solves the problem of certain types of male infertility, but it is a very hot topic in today's life. According to statistics, more 50% of infertility cases in the pair accounted for by men. Improvement of blood circulation in the pelvis, which occurs at the level of microcirculation, preventing stagnation of blood, all this prevents the occurrence of prostatitis, adenoma, cancer prostate cancer, hemorrhoids, varicose veins or relieve existing problems with these bodies. Therefore, the product Alur (Alura) is recommended for both women and men, and together and separately.

Alur (Alura) and the female body. Through the use of the Alur (Alura) there is no stagnation of blood and lymph, which is one of the main causes of chronic gynecological diseases and cancer. Permanent Update mucus prevents the multiplication of microorganisms once in the vagina, thereby preventing the discharge (leucorrhoea, thrush), disappears itching, unpleasant odor. Using the Alur (Alura) leads to the restoration of tone smooth muscle of the pelvis, which in turn prevents involuntary urination when coughing, prolapsed uterus, rectum, hemorrhoids education, and promotes child bearing. Alur (Alura) promotes expulsion of mucus plug from the neck, freeing up access to the sperm inside the egg fertilization, improved patency of the fallopian tubes, blood and lymph circulation in ovaries, thereby stabilize the menstrual cycle (and soreness disappears psycho-emotional tension), there comes a desired pregnancy.

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