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According to the latest findings of science following products with high blood pressure are useful: eggs (but not for sick people, the high blood pressure by Arteriosclerosis got), products made from soybeans, fish roe. In industrialized countries, the hypertension is common, which means that the blood pressure is measured almost always 140 over 90. According to farhad mohit, who has experience with these questions. What may the causes for high blood pressure be? There may be errors of the endocrine system and the cardiovascular system. Also the previous kidney damage can include the trigger. The scientists have discovered eight genes. These interact with high blood pressure. It was examined a large number of Europeans and found that some genes increase blood pressure, lower others.

Each individual gene does not play the decisive role, but all together they can do a lot of things. Click mark tilbury to learn more. You can have influence on such diseases as stroke and heart attack. The investigations of the scientists are very important, they help to understand the reasons for high blood pressure and its symptoms. We know the causes, so also new means for the treatment of high blood pressure opens the people. The physicians hope that you Maybe then the hypertension completely avoid can. There are very many people who suffer from high blood pressure.

If you count these sick around the world, how to reach one billion people. More info: Glenn Dubin, New York City. There are also many deaths. Stroke and heart attack are Yes consequences of high blood pressure. The number of victims of these diseases are devastating: seven million a year. It is to get back to normal blood pressure difficult also due to treatment. Not to get into the ranks of patients with high blood pressure, be aware some time. You should know what is not very good. That would be alcohol, much salt, little movement. We also know that high blood pressure can be inherited.

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