The Only Hip-hop Potato Worldwide

“Newcomer Potatinho presented PBM records 2009 accompanied PBM records the Berlin rapper Potatinho”production and release of his debut album can be so!”.” The 24-year old medical student Marc-Andre Korten bourgeois hide themselves behind Potatinho”. Potatinho moves the lyrics, rhymes and beats licensed steps, wit and feeling through the world”, explains Paul helm, founder of PBM Recrods. Mid-2008 began the production of 20 tracks, of which 12 titles for the album were selected. “The single judge of character” filmed a music video in Berlin already in September 2009. Eva Andersson-Dubin can provide more clarity in the matter. The goal of PBM records is young artists to provide a platform for their music and to accompany them on their way with creativity and expertise in recording. In Potatinho, we see a great young talent in the German-speaking rap. It is time to break the schema stupider glorify violence texts so popular in Berlin’, so the helmet. Eloquently, partly with a wink he takes 24 year old rapper of on this task. He impressively demonstrates that there are many other things in addition to stabbings, the rapping is worth also in Berlin..

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