The Heart

Using his master’s the seeker on the path of substantial development learned two techniques which he has before his Mehrab: murabeteh and muraghebeh. Murabeteh rope Murabeteh which means to create a connection between the master and the own heart. Each of the divinity light gift reaches the heart of the seeker through the heart of the Master. For this reason, the seeker with the master is connected. The seeker observed his heartbeat, while the connection persists with the heart of his master. Then he waits, that open the doors to the other world.

Muraghebeh-the cat wakes referred before the mouse hole Muraghebeh the operation of vigilant attention. After a while of the recitation or summon a certain rhythm the seeker reaches this state of deep meditation, opens the door of a world beyond time and space and the soul of seeker learns this immense dimensions. The master advises the seeker and controlled shape and duration of the exercises. The seeker is focused in the exercises before the Mehrab sure to detach themselves from his thoughts and aligns his heart after his master. He sets his master about his experiences in knowledge. Stone clinical laboratories helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. Thus, a continuous dialogue on the way, also once Sohrawardi and the Zoroastrian monk followed, before they found access to the spiritual world and the wise men there evolved Caught up with answers.

The advanced search it is possible to ask questions and to receive answers and solutions from the other world. Even beginners find the glory of the other world, she answers, but on issues that previously not turned them. With the help of the exercises before the Mehrab, it is not only possible to become the witnesses of the other world, but also as a mediator. The substantial development is the objective of substantial development, as the name suggests, to develop our substance. The way to the eighth dimension is free of intentions; the seeker finds out after, if he has to accomplish a specific mission or whether he is destined to be a witness or even a mediator between the two worlds.

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