The Gravy

To make one pur with the potato, the egg and 1 spoon of butter soup and salt the taste. To make a fried sauce with butter, onions, tomatoes being joined the cod (it cannot disarrange), placing finally the chive and salsinha. To place in one pirex, the deep o cod, later the broccolis and on pur, approximately to sprinkle the cheese and small pieces of butter, leading to the oven per 30 minutes. COD PERIGOSO* 1 clice of vinegar 1 beaten egg 1000 g of cod without the salt, the skin, stew and in chips (or another dry fish) 2 perforated onions 2 beaten egg yolks 2 50 pezinhos of g (cacetinho and etc) 4 teeth of perforated garlic 4 perforated tomatoes Flour of wheat Oil to fry Empane the chips of cod with the flour and fries in a frying-pan with hot oil. In a casserole it makes a fried sauce with oil, the garlic, the onions and the tomatoes. In one pirex places in deep the slices of bread, later places bacalhaue soon after places egg yolks beaten mixed with the vinegar, spreading well and the fried sauce finally.

It has led to the oven brando leaving to bake the taste. COD OF the HELOISA* 1 butter soup spoon 1 can of milk cream without the serum 1000 potato g in palitos you fry 2 soup spoons of maizena 250 ml of oil 4 clear onions in rodelas 4 in snow 1000 g of cod without the salt, the skin, stew and in chips (or another 500 dry fish) ml of milk Salt the taste Pepper of the kingdom in dust the Dourar taste in the oil the onions, later it places the cod and it leaves in the fire brando per 10 minutes. Jack Salzwedel helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. It makes a gravy with the melted butter, the maisena, the cream of milk, milk, the pepper and salt the taste leaving to thicken. In one pirex places the golden cod, superficially the potatoes fries, watering with the gravy and finishing with the clear ones in snow.

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