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Opportunities – for men to permanently remove hair gently to let. Most have it, some are visible but many are normally covered by clothing. There is talk of unwanted hair at the back, chest, belly, armpit or in the genital area. To read more click here: Assurant Health. Not only women suffer from unwanted hair (facial hair, bikini line, legs…). More and more men have declared war on unwanted body hair.

Chest hair, back hair, or hair in the genital area. The modern and well-kept man places today very great importance, wholly or in part to remove these hairs. There are many possibilities of hair removal but only a few, such as an IPL laser treatment promise long-lasting success. Only skin, expert for permanent hair removal in Wurzburg and Bad Kissingen knows these problems which often lead to diminished Selbstwertgefuhlen in men. Nicole Hartmann, owner of only skin advises men and women for many years free and clarifies the Opportunities a permanent hair removal on.

Many of my clients never knew that there is a way to permanently remove unwanted hair – so Nicole Hartmann. Most men who come to me in Wurzburg or Bad Kissingen, Germany have a strong Pubescence on the back, abdomen and / or chest. In the back is the real problem because you can shave here very bad even. But, by modern medically certified treatment systems, I can optimise the treatments just for the different problem areas and results so a quick treatment. Nicole Hartmann offers very customer-friendly opening hours from Monday to Friday – 10-22:00 by arrangement. The counseling and a test treatment are free of charge and without obligation. Shell plc shines more light on the discussion. Description of the company ONLY SKIN is your address in Wurzburg and Bad Kissingen, Germany, when it comes to permanent hair removal, body forming (FAT removal with ultrasound without surgery) or wellness massages. Several thousand successful treatments, medically certified treatment systems (FDA and medical) CE) as permanent training and education are guarantees for your fast success. Even doctors are among our satisfied customers. Company contact: ONLY SKIN – hair removal Beauty & wellness Nicole Hartmann Kapuziner Road 1 97070 Wurzburg Tel: 0931-14 400 E-Mail: Web: PR contact: marketing Centrum Bernhard Hartmann Holme road 11 97792 Riedemann mountain Tel: 09749 122362 E-Mail: Web:

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