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Moving To The Switzerland

What hurdles are to many people who are disappointed by the daily work of German, during a procession in the Switzerland considering it, to emigrate in the Switzerland. Here, they expect significantly higher incomes and a better quality of life. A leading source for info: lee marks. But a move into the Switzerland of course […]

Technical Translations Bigger

The renewable energy industry continues to grow the industry around renewable energy proves to be as a job engine for the technical sector. In 2009, about 340,000 in this area worked according to the Association of German engineers. The number of vacancies rose already in the previous year to 46%. Germany is one the world […]

New Study Reveals Glaring Weaknesses Of Sales

A new study of the Weisendorfer PLC Institute shows which competencies in sales are crucial for success. The response of pharmaceutical and medical technology products have given by margin erosion, price dumping and amended framework conditions adapted their strategy? What the customers expect? What skills are critical for success in sales? A new study of […]

Contract Translations

Contract translations in Germany in the different languages of the world. In an export-oriented country like Germany, apply immense amounts of texts which must be translated from German into the various languages of the world, but also from these languages into German. To do this, which belong to the maintenance manual or manuals of machinery […]

Executive Vice President

“Eastern European support forces: so you make a good decision guaranteed” often put families on a Polish maid or caregiver, to provide to needy relatives at home. Here it depends on however, correctly to avoid not going into trouble with authorities or even courts. A new free guide helps, to identify pitfalls and avoid downloading […]

MicroCirtec Offers Online Support With

MicroCirtec for its customers ‘GoToAssist’ remote support set up for a successful start in this year did the German PCB manufacturer MicroCirtec from Krefeld a useful contribution, because the option boards order online on microcirtec”is now possible with a significantly improved online service. To really take advantage of all the comforts and many work relief […]