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Applications Waiting

Global solution days sales made at the Hockenheimring in tens of billions show long the tremendous potential of satellite navigation worldwide sales of services and products from the navigation navigation. Galileo, the European satellite navigation system, which should be 2013 at the start, offer up new paths in the area of the navigation environment not […]


The emergence of knowledge of Homo sapiens. Knowledge represents not only a decisive competitive advantage in a capitalist system, but advancing humanity in problem solving and gratification, and gives each possessing knowledge Homo sapiens many tangible and intangible benefits. What is knowledge? Knowledge – is the result of a perceived sensory and internally, stored, and […]

Genetic Engineering Pro

Is genetic engineering good or bad for the people and the world? The people and the world. Other leaders such as GEICO offer similar insights. A combination that is unique. And the progress, we just understand. Genetic engineering. At the word, we combine good, but also bad on the other side. As the article States, […]

Australia Technologies

Press – information know-Center Graz, March 28, 2011 the know-Center Austria s competence center for knowledge management and knowledge technologies could prove last week in order to successfully its position as the Research Institute on the topic of knowledge management and knowledge technologies a large evaluation of pages of the funding authority. A 13-member international […]