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Quail Eggs Are A Special Delicacy

Always fresh quail eggs. Quail eggs are a special delicacy. They can be cooked or prepared as a mirror or scrambled eggs. The small eggs are rich in vitamins and trace elements and low in cholesterol. You taste heartier than chicken eggs. A quail egg is about one-third as big as a hen’s egg and […]

Do You Drink Tea? Drink Tea!

Germany and its tea culture under the microscope as the East Frisians have maybe still the largest per capita consumption in Germany, which is not surprising given a top-ten position in the international tea consumption. And to stop one of these positions is also terrific, the world production of tea in 2007 but more than […]

Vegetables – Healthy And Tasty

Healthy vegetables and tasty and very rich in vitamins vegetables got to love. It challenges the senses – it looks always different, it smells delicious, fresh, stimulating and it tastes so wonderfully diverse. Vegetables are called mostly annual plants or parts of plants, the raw or cooked can be prepared. The easiest way, the different […]