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Invited Berlin Dance Couple To The Tango World Championship

World Championship Tango Argentino in Buenos Aires in August 2008 with participation of the Berlin Erica Freyer and Fernando Zapata of the happenings 01.09.2008 held the World Championship of Tango Argentino in Buenos Aires (Argentina). The Argentine Ministry of culture and the city of Buenos Aires invite the best tango dancers in the world to […]

Lisa Neumann University

Food has become as capital of culture ‘Ruhr 2010’ Lange was the Ruhr area only for dusty mines, tons of coal and miners. Today the mines have become leisure facilities. The change made by the Ruhr area, is ubiquitous and is honored: the Ruhr area is capital of culture 2010. What brings that about, betrays […]

The Heart

Using his master’s the seeker on the path of substantial development learned two techniques which he has before his Mehrab: murabeteh and muraghebeh. Murabeteh rope Murabeteh which means to create a connection between the master and the own heart. Each of the divinity light gift reaches the heart of the seeker through the heart of […]