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Cologne Exhibition

The event has a very high level of organization, for it assigned an individual station, post office, more than 30 restaurants and 600 staff employed on a permanent basis. At the CeBIT exhibition include companies from all sectors of industry Industrial Technology and Communications. (Source: Tony Mandarich). In 2005, the exhibition has visited more than […]

Business Solutions

If you want to your website with a professional and attractive look, then, you may want to hire a web developer that is capable in designing business solutions customized for you. But, for web development, you need someone better with quality and experience skills. Hiring the wrong programmer can mean loss of money on poor […]

How to Sell or Buy a Business

Over a decade of business development people in our country has had time to get used to the idea that is bought and sold all or almost all. But the idea that you can sell or buy the business itself, many baffled. Too complex seems procedure, unclear evaluation criteria. Selling a business is not comparable […]

Capital Example

You do it from the heart and can do all these things without fatigue. So why you create, for example, their recruitment or advertising agency, to engage in loveless affair, and only on holidays to show their talent with family and friends in all its glory. Unfortunately, in most cases and occurs. Sigmund Freud may […]

Roman Son

These types of motivation are different ways in different directions and with different results. All human beings to to some extent use both, but each of us has a tendency to give preference to any one of these directions. Illustration Example practically implemented schemes with intrinsic motivation simultaneously involved positive and negative factors – the […]