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Brazilians Years

The market studies confirm that in 2010 the number of collaborators with more than 50 years grew 56% in relation the 2001, when this number did not pass of 16%. This wants to say that a generation of executives, controlling and people with experience aged and is to the side of the retirement. With the […]

Hospital Feedback

INTRODUCTION the health company has as peculiarity to deal with procedures technician carried through by professionals who are distant of the management of costs, at the same time where those that are responsible for the collection have little knowledge technician. This fact, many times rees-echo in the sprouting of comments. In this scene, the hospital […]

Extra Income Using Things

The method most efficient of as increasing its income for the Internet, and offline, is using what you have passion. always exists a way to gain income making something that you love. You only need to expand its idea. This article presents a guide pass-the-passes on as gaining money online, while you use of the […]