Before decide think twice about your future child. Alcohol, too, will not bring benefits, but in reasonable quantities, such as wine – you can. My husband and I generally do not drink during pregnancy planning. For three months I not pregnant, and then in June we celebrated the anniversary of my mother, a wedding, friends and allow yourself a little drink. And what do you think? This month I got pregnant. Fresh air and sports Hiking in the fresh air. Here is a beauty.

Need zaimet afford such a habit, if you do not have yet. During pregnancy – this will be one of the components of your wellness. It's time to switch your perspective on everything is fine. Enjoy and enjoy every moment. In the yard fall, gray, overcast and rain is going to go? Take a closer look closely, yes, the sky is gray, but a surprisingly gray! Yes, for the fifth hour it's pouring, but it's nice to listen to the rain! Learn see everything in a positive way, it's a good skill that is useful to you on your path of life.

If you are friends with the sport, great. If not friendly, it's time to try it to taste. Particularly suitable classes that you be able to deal with being pregnant, such as Pilates, yoga, swimming, water aerobics. Even during pregnancy planning to go to the dentist. I know the universal love for dental procedures, and I am no exception, with I have already my knees are shaking, only the thought that I needed to go there. But I forced myself, and went before pregnancy, it turned out, came just in time, I sealed two teeth, even without anesthetic. That's what it means to come time, and then when it does not languish in pain, and no other way out is how to go to the dentist. And how proud I was when the third month I was sent to the dentist, and he looked at me and said: "You have everything perfect. Can to go. " Now one of the most romantic and exciting periods in your life. Therefore, to communicate more with his second half, enjoy each other, be gentle and attentive. After the birth of a baby, do not always will have the opportunity to pay due attention to each other. Try to experience the maximum enjoyment, this is your great time – planning pregnancy!

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