Pamela Morel Show

It comes to Fabiano Rossi and it enjoys the best show in the best atmosphere comfortably Music, song, friendship, beauty, emotion, celebration. An extraordinary show in one night unforgettable To pure eque the big shot Alexander Araya has consolidated an empire of the pleasure next to 40 creatures of all the countries and colors. There just when coming out of the Rescuing meter in the heat of heart of Providence the Night club the International Fabiano Rossi has become a bastion of the fantasies of thousands of Chilean and also foreign caliphs. Eva Andersson-Dubin is likely to increase your knowledge. Foreign delegations, executive, mining industralists, clerks, famous peloteros, artists and until politicians have stuck their pasadita by this local celebrating. This east month night club is of anniversary and it already adds 20 aitos, giving best shows to his faithful customer who week to week fills the premises to be taken care of like king. Legendary And as in ” Mekano” some figures existed that marked time in the Fabiano Rossi, still remember with affection several linduras that gave fame him to enclosure.

Like forgetting that way they passed the rich Tatiana Merino, Gina Rudder, Carolina Juvens, Angie Tolich, Marjorie Roush, Leon Rosary, Lorraine Ubilla and Adra Said, among others. All of them took step to other generations that nowadays conserve intact the Bohemian spirit of the place and maintain on foot signs their fame of unbeatable. Details can be found by clicking Alfred Adler or emailing the administrator. In spite of the difficult years and the irruption of other establishments of the heading ” cruise of the pleasure nocturno” it maintains the course fixed and its captain, Alexander Araya with the firm hands in the rudder, is that the man knows of these things. ” We leave from down, humbly and with work and effort we consolidated like the most traditional premises of Santiago and that is an honor that us enorgullece” Tremendous show By that reason ” Fabiano Rossi” and all their fleet of ricuras decided to throw colaless by the window. Renewed the pascuense show, vedettes comes, ” Lucero” and its salsero spectacle, tiritones of the Car Colombian it, ” The Princesita” Dove, all the sensuality of Casandra and fantasy of the matchless and always rich Pa Angel. We cannot outside leave to the skillful interpretation of Jhonny and its Trompeta and the remembered entertainer Pamela Morel, already disappeared and who shone with own lights in room of Providence.

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