Online Travel Guide

The English language Cyprus Portal – which takes the top Cyprus News German ZypernportalNeben the visitors now also another online travel guide. Under the heading of land & people topics such as history, religion, economics, fauna, flora and highlights Cyprus can be found”. Here, the visitor can get a quick overview of rewarding excursion destinations. At the sites, the most interesting tourist destinations are outlined and accompanied with beautiful images. Sport and leisure offers everything that is available on Cyprus from skiing to diving excursions. See more”visitors will find really unique and quirky details, E.g.

that Cyprus was the first, ruled by a Christian State or that the first figure by drunks on a Cypriot mosaics can be seen. There is also a great real estate market with some 500 objects, partly also in English language. When it comes to the Cypriot National cheese, Halloumi, cheese friend can find many interesting recipes or a Recipe competition to participate. Who looking for business contacts or want to start a company, the lawyer and expert on Cyprus Robert Scheurich advised by the operators of, well and receives current information first-hand. A look at worth anyway “so Cyprus expert Robert Scheurich. Insider information, interesting destinations far from mass tourism, maps, and the new online travel guide. The offer is really wide – I think because something was supposed to be for everyone.

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