Occupational Safety

BWE Symposium offshore wind energy service & maintenance in Hamburg after the approval and deployment phases numerous offshore projects are wind energy before the decisive step in the operating phase. First experience in the area of offshore service, maintenance and repairs were made with alpha ventus, Bard I and Baltic 1. There are now 28 more wind farms before commissioning. Goal is that a constant availability of the offshore wind facilities and thus continuously high wind income can refinance the huge initial investment. Besides the technical aspects, the subject always pressing comes to the fore occupational safety and health. An increasing number of offshore service technicians working daily on the wind turbines and transformer platforms on the high seas. Currently it is more effectively to organize in particular their working hours and possible rescue transport. Who is responsible for the rescue and performs and how to meet the quantitative extent of normal work transport, industry are often still open questions for the offshore wind energy.

In cooperation with “the Foundation of OFFSHORE wind energy attacks the Bundesverband WindEnergie this important topic in the Symposium of offshore wind energy service & maintenance HSE and rescue concepts” on 8 and 9 may 2012 in Hamburg. Here to compare service and maintenance concepts of several large offshore wind power plant manufacturer: Siemens, Areva, and Bard make their solutions for maintenance and spare parts logistics for the wind farm Baltic 1 and Baltic 2, Borkum West II, global tech I, as well as BARD Offshore 1 before. In addition, HSE will be presented concepts for the offshore wind energy. A training measures for service technicians are represented by which accidents can pre-emptively avoided. On the other hand is compared to the logistics of transport via ship and helicopter, rescue must be performed. The Federation regularly conducts wind energy network and training forums on current topics of wind energy. Meet”important wind energy service & maintenance HSE and rescue concepts on the offshore Conference Operators of offshore wind power plant, such as Siemens, RWE Innogy, Areva, Bard, Hochtief, 8.2, Eurocopter, NW insurance industry, Abeking & Rasmussen and many others.

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