Nutritional Attendance

It sends to Pepe information to me on the inauguration of the Center of welcome DARI II (in the city of Tetuan, Morocco), in collaboration with Malagan NGO IDA Children of the World. NGO IDA Children of the World comes working in the north from Morocco (Tetuan), for the development of two houses of welcome of children who have been left when being born. The first house of welcome (Center Dari I), receives to children among 0 and 7 years (at the moment they are in center 30 children). The lads that were not adopted by Moroccan families had to happen, after turning 7 years, to official centers, and so they lost all the affective and familiar benefits that had come receiving in the house from welcome. For this reason, it was decided to cooperate with the beginning of the Center Dari II that will be in charge to receive to the children among 7 to 18 years. Saturday 18 of September of 2010 the inauguration of the Center of welcome Dari II took place (” My sanitary and educational Small house 2 ), where they receive well-taken care of relative and nutritional attendance, a group of left children. Many of the friendly of Pepe, and anonymously disinterested, have collaborated in making reality east project.

The facilities already are in operation and in them six children lodge (of ages between 7 and 18 years), in their majority coming from the first center, Dari I. In the act five cooperators of NGO IDA CHILDREN OF THE WORLD were present, people pertaining to Association AMAL TO the ATFAL, the Spanish Consul in Tetuan, two cooperators of the NGO SHARED IN COMMON PROJECT, as well as other collaborating people with the center and the own children who are living in him. Previous to the inauguration of My Small house 2, Associations IDA CHILDREN OF THE WORLD and AMAL TO the ATFAL signed the agreement of collaboration with in which IDA CHILDREN OF THE WORLD is committed to a stable economic contribution for the support of the center, as well as to the advising and pursuit of this project. News article I have put the photographic it in Facebook.

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