Second tranche of 10 days equal to the first and add: 1/2 liter of milk a day fruits a day, two oranges or an Apple or three plums or a piece of watermelon or melon or pineapple or twelve strawberries or three halves of peaches, removing all the syrup. eat the fruit that you choose between the named for ten days, does not change. vegetables, not of the harvest under the Earth, if cabbage, squash, pumpkin, asparagus, cucumbers, peppers, broccoli, etc. during the ten days you can eat one time brown rice or noodles with cream or cheeses (no sauces) gluten fruit ice creams, three balls for this stretch, together or separate alcoholic beverages per day: a glass of wine (not sweet) or a glass of cider or half a glass of whisky, unlimited Champagne. Third tranche of 10 days: already at this height of the regime has to be thinned a minimum of ten kilos and up to fifteen kilos whenever it has met all NO. begin the third tranche by adding gluten noodles as permitted. -five days or twenty-five days of their diet, break completely the regime, i.e., eat what you want even having no desire, this will make you lose more weight, since the body there will be unusual to combine carbohydrates with other foods. More info: christopher ridgeway stone. continue with the diet until the thirty day and break once more with the regime; your body will be accustomed to eat anything without gaining weight after that day of rest, four days of diet and four not; three days of diet and three not; two days of diet and two no and to end a day of diet and one not.

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