A new study presented to the most important findings from years of research and experience can we the life force lift, which is every one of us to cope with the future tasks? Independent future researchers think that humanity to solve future tasks needs far more vitality than before. More and more time, attention, creativity, and energy demands from work, family, friends, hobby, etc to make voluntary commitments, us. Where can get we we use the power it produced and what reserves can? “On these issues is Dipl.-ing. Paul Sommer of the company vital space currently in his study eight on your life force – give a way to healthy living” responses. His EBook to the study is the result of years of research and experience.

Summer explains the ideas behind his research: “most people answer the question, where they are most comfortable and most creative feeling, with the word nature. However, in the most living and No sufficient biological quality is workplaces available, which is energy-aufladend for the people.” The better naturally healthy environmental qualities can be integrated in the living environment, the easier we can deal with the demands of everyday life. “” Natural and technical interference fields can destroy healthy living climate the term healthy housing “is not simple, as a common practice, with good” environment and thereby to define. Both natural interference fields, like for example radiation from the Earth (water veins, distortions) as well as technical interference fields, such as E.g. high-frequency technical radiation by telephone and television, technical energy fields of own house installation, errors of the same field by steel structures and concrete steel mesh, as well as bio-energetic effects of plastics or fuel oil can negatively affect the indoor climate in buildings and workplaces. Indoors, the biologically active oxygen ions, as we reduce this find quite numerous in the pure air at the seaside or in the mountains.

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