National Cancer Institute

The external part, that keeps contact with the vagina is called ectocrvice, coated for one fabric of some layers of plain cells, escamoso and estratificado epitlio. The Health department (MS), praises that all woman who has or already had sexual relation must submit itself to the preventive examination of Papanicolaou, where is collections the cells, specified top, for analyzes of abnormal cellular growth, periodically, especially in the etria band of 25 the 59 years of age. According to National Institute of Cancer (INCA), initially, the examination must be made annually, if two consecutive annual examinations to present resulted negative for neoplasia, the examination could annually be carried through tri. A related site: Unum mentions similar findings. For Oliveira et al. (2006), the white population of the second phase of intensification National Program of Control of Crvico-Uterine Cancer was constituted by women of 35 the 49 years of age, that had never carried through the preventive examination or they do not carry through has three years more than. The Papanicolaou examination is of simple, efficient technology and of low cost for the precocious diagnosis of the cervical cancer and of its initial injuries.

The cumulative risk of the cervical cancer is reduced in 80% for the women tracked to each five years and in 90% for the women who make preventives to each three years, the annual accomplishment of the examination raises the protection. Tavares (2006), justifies that, the social costs of the consequence intra-familiar and in the economy of the Country with the adoecimento and until death of women for uterine col cancer they are of difficult quantification, but without a doubt sufficiently they are raised. Moreover, the constaint of the meaning and the limitations that the illness imposes and mental the physical suffering/of the woman and its family is questions that must be considered when approaching the subject. In accordance with Zeferino (2006), the cervical cancer is characterized as a problem of public health, had the innumerable factors the tracking programs leave to reach its objectives, with consequent increase of the morbimortalidade indices, stand out the importance of the awareness of the importance of the precocious diagnosis.

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