Mrs Dr

Berger: In some cases this causes Pain that feels like a thousand pinpricks, as some patients have reported me implanted silicone gel. It can be quite, that hurts only one breast, while the others quite nor time feels. Kapselfibrosen are another problem (hardening of the fibrous envelope, note’s note), which can always return after a breast augmentation with silicone. Add to your understanding with christopher ridgeway. These are pretty many reasons that speak for a removal of the implant. “Certainly many women avoid this step, because she have this Verschlimmbesserung” fear. Is this fear justified? Mrs Dr.

Berger: After what the result depends on the initial findings. But of course also that, as was previously operated on the chest. However, I can reassure prospective students. In General, we can improve with a little streamlining sometimes even without much. Particularly in connection a beautiful bosom can volume formation by fat back model.

That is, the affected women can only choose between a) live with artificial breasts, which give them foreign body feelings and b) back to the small breast, which previously didn’t like it? Mrs Dr. Berger: no, you can choose between a), b) and c). That sounds more hopeful. What’s behind the alternative) c? Mrs Dr. Berger: The breast enlargement natural fill material. For example with Macrolane, a hyaluronic acid. That’s a biological sugar kind, but breaks down when you refill them not at regular intervals. For women without their own fat Depot, this is still a worthy of consideration method. Women with own flab is open yet another, very innovative way of breast augmentation, the Lipokondensierung. That you must tell us closer, Ms Dr. Berger. Mrs Dr. Berger: The Lipokondensierung uses the adult fat stem cells of the patient as a feedstock. These are enriched in an elaborate process and purifies. This gives us an additional and very pure fat which promises over an average high growth rates from 70 to 90 percent as compared to conventional methods. Last but not least because it emerged from the body’s own cells of the patient. The final material is suitable not only for breast augmentation, but can be used anywhere on the body. We prefer to speak of bio-shaping. That sounds really very innovative. And on a foreign body sensation patients must then no longer complain. That is giving new hope to those affected. Thank you very much, Mrs Dr. Berger, for their understanding of the topic of implant removal.

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