Low Carb Diet

ADHD may be through a nutrition curable. Frankfurt January 31, 2009 – in this disease it is according to doctors\”a mainly in children, as well as brain disorder occurring adults. The expansion has increased dramatically in the last 10 years. This disease is called: hyperkinetic syndrome. Many years ago, this disease was also: called minimal cerebral dysfunction. It is discussed that this disease as a result of a lack of energy in the brain in connection could be brought.

So, a lack of neurotransmitters as well a lack of dopamine and serotonin, could be the cause here. Now the question is: why are there so many children with this syndrome? Maybe should you include this disease also all the modern diseases of civilization? \”Scientists noted that this disorder a neurobiological deficit in brain metabolism\” could be the cause. Due to a lack of neurotransmitters’ attention, the transfer of nerve impulses and information processing are weakened. There are investigations that the sugar metabolism in these children is slowing down and parts of the brain that are responsible for attention, are supplied with too little glucose. As ADHD cause the same neurotransmitter will be discussed that could play a key role also in migraine.

There are provable studies since the year 1940, that you can cure diseases through a low-carbohydrate diet. For example: from the Institute of biochemistry of the University of Leipzig, the cancer researcher Prof. Dr. Gerd Bala Chandran says that sugar is the motor of the cancer cells. On the website of the University of Leipzig, Department: Medical faculty, this doctor that indicates that an unprecedented change in the direction of carbohydrates was held by the industrial age. According to Prof. Bala Chandran (Leipzig biochemist), we don’t actually need this KH but protein and fat. He also says: the man would not from fat fat, but by the many KH.

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