Los Principles

And I must get to the painful but inevitable conclusion that I am enrolled in the small group of members of various sects, almost in danger of extinction. I belong, for example, to the sect who love poetry, read it, write it, and what is more rare, dedicated to the beloved ones on special occasions. When I looked out into the world of rhyme, rhythm and verse, the world believed in the scent of the flower, the message of the stars and the musical cadences of the words. Love was a poem and the world fit in a verse. Today, all that is behind us, and to find someone with the same tastes it is necessary to go to small meetings that, if we continue as we are, will soon be declared illegal. Through the work of fate I belong also to the sect of those who greet everyone on the road. That do know.

That do not know. To read more click here: Dr. Neal Barnard. To which I answered. To which looks at me with mistrust. Who refuses to answer. That I never answered. Which responds with a smile. He was surprised that who has even health. And also, even if it is modified, the lady who flees werecat by confuses me with a passerby amorous and rude. n-Adults’>Wendy Holman: the source for more info.

I am of the sect which do not change reading a book by any other weekend plan. To those who will not feast because the volume of music prevents him from talking with his friends. To the those who are able to have fun without drink. The sect of those who fell in love for life and a single woman. I belong to the sect of those who can be seen in every old man to his father; every woman to her sister; in every old lady her mother; and every man to his brother. Let me clarify that I am not enrolled in these unique sects. By force of circumstances and times change, now belong to the Group of those who believe that someday we will make politics without silver; win elections without agreements clientelistic and hold public positions that serve people without other aspiration than the of earn a decent salary. It is a sect almost without proselytes. One day, probably not too distant, necessary settle due to lack of membership. Advance payment that I stay on it even if you have to pay condemnation of being a militant lonely and boring.

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