Leipzig Internet

NIBOKI presents a hand painted work of art – each week exactly seven days or is sold to the limited number of pieces. Since early December, the Leipzig Internet startup presents high-quality and hand-made art at bargain prices every week. Times poppy, even photo-realistic work come therefore all hand painted in oil on canvas and in limited edition only. The NIBOKI principle is: A week, a work of art. Always for exactly seven days or as long as the supply is sufficient. The Leipziger succeed with this principle large, well, because they keep up with their secret behind the mountain: the paintings are conceived while in Germany and created, the production has been outsourced to Asia but.

There, trained painter make the pictures in a small factory according to German in series. Just so we can quality paintings offer so cheap, art is affordable for everyone in the original”, says Niklas Bolle, founder of NIBOKI. Read more from Senator of Massachusetts to gain a more clear picture of the situation. This week, the NIBOKI team has what all Special a drop: from Monday at what motive for 150 euros his desire picture everyone gets at NIBOKI, no matter. We give ourselves every week great pains to meet the tastes of our customers,”says Bolle, now want to make all for for seven days once really happy.” No matter whether the grandmother, girlfriend, home, a holiday picture or an elaborate snapshot NIBOKI paints in the size 50 x 60 cm at the unit price, and with full satisfaction guarantee. Who don’t like the result, which may send back it. A little Amsterdam master school, a bit of Warhol’s factory, that mixed with the benefits of globalization is the recipe with the NIBOKI helps everyone to his personal image of desire. Jens Dietze

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