Jung Love

As a result, the world becomes the mirror of human relationships: people trying to see other reflections of themselves, and finding none, he suffers. This suffering is inevitable in the world of distorting mirrors and distorted reflections. So love the pain – a kind of symptom, a symptom of loss of contact with reality. And at the same time – this call, the call Reality, a chance to hear more on the other side of himself. If loving attitude is a symptom of distress – it's time to think about treatment. How can help a person suffering from "love"? One love – three scenarios for my experience therapist, there are several possible options for the development of pathological love the script.

Option One: "The patient is more dead than alive." It's not just irony. Additional information is available at stone clinical laboratories. There are people whose attraction to destructive and so relentlessly self-destructive behavior that subordinates feel love without a trace. Sadism and hostility on the one hand, and pathological masochism compliance with another, get into the love experiences, hiding in an imaginary "good" for the partner, as once the legionnaires, taken refuge in the belly of a Trojan horse. Help such people is almost impossible, especially because they are not prepared to accept this assistance. Another option – the so-called "treatment effect". It is a tendency for people to spontaneously acting out at work, the behavior of inner feelings and thoughts. No spiritual work in this case, usually does not happen. Man does not learn lessons from the previous situation.

He merely repeats some unconscious algorithm. "If I was unlucky in love, I should try again, only this time with another man." And try and come to same mistake … It may take a long time, until one day people will stop and ponder over their lives, finding it dull repetition. Option last, optimistic. This is definitely the way to self-discovery. Need to look at themselves and, preferably, to look deeper. Need to compete for the acquisition of reliable knowledge – an understanding of the current situation in romantic relationships and its causes, a psychological contribution and the contribution of another person. If you're prone to reflection and self-knowledge, perhaps you could handle the job yourself, but if you can not boast the skills of self-knowledge, use the services of a professional in the understanding of human relationships – a psychologist or therapist. Whatever it was, I think one should always remember one very important thing: if you are suffering psychologically, do not by all means try to get rid of emotional pain. After all the pain this has its value, its meaning. KG Jung is very well expressed this idea, saying that "neurosis or depression (read – the emotional suffering) hides the human soul. " If we suffer from love, then we have lost our soul. And our first priority – to make adequate efforts to understand the significance of their symptoms, to regain a lost emotional well-being, as a pledge the ability to truly love and be loved.

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